Decorating Ideas From Sunset Magazine

by Citadel Escrow Team

Kitchen Cabinet Idea

If you like sleek and white and clean, you may find that glass front cabinets along the top of your cupboards provide an opportunity to showcase special pieces and add color to your kitchen.


Accent Wall

A deep color accent wall in your dining room makes the Room draw in and feel intimate, promoting conversation and . . . perhaps disclosure. Sunset-Mag-decor-dining-room

Bunk Beds With A Sense of Adventure

This kids’ room not only provides space but promotes a sense of sharing, adventure and a place to come “home” to. Bunks for siblings and Guests.


Chalkboard Wall

A large chalkboard anchoring any space where the kids congregate, will encourage creativity and purpose.


Setting The Stage For Self-Esteem

Filling a child’s room with expressions of what they love most will enhance their own sense of self. Letting them choose their decor and room accessories will represent an enormous acknowledgement to them.


Citadel Escrow Team

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